About Ann

Although Ann's surname (Peterson) is Swedish, and the name of her company (Mundo Images) Spanish, her heritage and her heart are Irish. Ann’s paternal great-grandmother was born in Drogheda, Ireland, and her maternal grandparents hailed from County Westmeath. A revered uncle, Father Eugene O’Growney, was an ardent advocate for the Irish language, and was instrumental in preserving its place in education. Perhaps Ann inherited her love of language from him.

Or, perhaps it was from her father, an aspiring writer who moved his family from the US to Spain and, fortuitously, to Ireland when Ann was a small child. They settled in at the “Old Post House” across from the Bulman Pub in Summercove. Ann and her siblings attended school in nearby Kinsale. It was there, at the age of seven, that Ann started photographing the colorful country with her first camera.

With Bachelor's Degrees in both Studio Art and Spanish, and a Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literature, Ann’s first profession was teaching - but photography and travel remained her passions. Encouraged by her mother to pursue her roots, Ann and her mother traveled back to Ireland where she rediscovered its beauty and charm, exploring new regions with her camera. While teaching, Ann participated in local juried art shows and exhibits, winning frequent awards. She began to realize that her passion could become her profession. Her photography and her love of words found a natural expression in the form of greeting cards.

Ann launched Mundo Images in 2007 at the National Stationery Show with eight lines of greeting cards, one of which was Irish Wisdom. Her cards are now carried by fine independent gift shops throughout the United States and Canada. Mundo Images has been an exhibitor at The Celtic Marketplace, The Ireland Show and the Celtic Showcase since 2008, and Ann is a proud member of The North American Celtic Trade Association (NACTA) and the Greeting Card Association (GCA). In 2012 and 2019, Mundo Images received national recognition from the Greeting Card Association. She also had a sympathy card featured in the New York Times in 2020.

In addition to her love of Emerald Isle, languages and travel, Ann has a love of nature, and “all creatures, great and small.”  She has worked on a biological reserve in the Galápagos Islands, has been involved with endangered leatherback turtle programs in Costa Rica and Panama, led eco-trips to Central America, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe. All of these experiences show up in unique greeting cards and photographs, that you will also find on this site (see Animal Instincts, Nature’s Voice, Global Inspiration).

All of the products on this site reflect a commitment to the environment. We hope you enjoy them all!

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